Anybody who knows me knows that I'm completely (and at this point, dangerously) obsessed with Lush. I've been using their stuff for about 2 years now, and I honestly can't get enough. but before I get into all my favorite products, I wanted to talk a little bit about Lush as a company and what makes their products different from others I've used. Lush is 100% vegetarian, and 80% vegan, which means they don't believe in exploiting animals (also obviously means that they don't test on animals)! All of their products are fresh and a good majority of them come with an expiration date. Fresh fruit, herbs, flowers, vegetables, you name it! They are committed to picking the freshest ingredients and using them to, in turn, hand-make the most natural, organic products for our bodies. another thing I love about Lush is that they use minimal packaging for their products... and when they do have to use bottles for shampoos or containers for face masks, they only use recycled, reusable, or compostable materials. You can read more in depth about all of this on their website (Lush)

Bonus wonderful thing about Lush: when the Ferguson and Black Lives Matter protests were happening at the Mall of America, ultimately resulting in the entire mall shutting down, Lush workers left their store to participate. many shoppers were enraged about this and went to the Lush corporation, looking for some sort of apology. They didn't get one. Instead, they got this badass response -

"While the employees were not acting officially for the company, we are a campaigning company, and we support the right to free speech and peaceful protest. Standing in solidarity of fairness, justice and equality for all, regardless of gender, race, age, sexuality, and religion - this is something that as a business we do wholeheartedly believe in."

So so so wonderful! Now moving on to more good things......

Pink bath bomb: I haven't used too many bath bombs, honestly, just because I live away from home most of the time and the thought of having a bath in dorm tubs is kind of disgusting so! I save it for when I'm at home. I got this particular bath bomb as a gift this past summer and used it with the Creamy Candy bubble bar for one of the sweetest bath experiences of my life. It smells so nice, like warm vanilla, and makes the water all pink and lovely. Fizzes so well and leaves a nice, tingly feeling on your skin even after you've left the bath. All the bath bombs are probably great, just gotta get some more time at home to try 'em all out!

Honey Bee bath bomb: I also got this bath bomb as a gift and actually used it pretty recently. This one is a little different from the Pink bomb in that it felt more cleansing and refreshing. There's a sweet honeyed scent, with hints of orange, that soften your skin and leave you feeling completely moisturized and buzzing.

Creamy Candy bubble bar: Goes well with the Pink bath bomb, as I said before! Creates lots and lots of bubbles, and smells like the sweetest cotton candy. When you use it, it feels as though you also dumped in some cocoa butter because it lathers and moisturizes so nicely!
Hottie: I love love love this massage bar! It was the first one I ever tried and I still have remnants of it lying around somewhere because I just can't bear to throw it out. I should probably just get a new one lol ............anyway, this bar is so great for sore muscles and knots. The bumps on top help really massage the cocoa butter and jojoba oils into your skin. I would recommend this for the winter months because it's very oily and works wonders on any kind of dryness! Keeps you warm, for sure

Each Peach: I recently got this bar from Maria (love of my life hello) and I really love it. It's so springtime; lots of citrus and fruity tones. This one is also obviously heavy with cocoa and shea butter, which is wonderfully moisturizing, and another great way to get a  quick massage in
Celebrate: I only have a small sample of this, but it's become a fast favorite (and I just ordered a bigger one online...oops). It smells very citrus-y, kind of like skittles actually! But I love how just a tiny bit can go a long way. It's super creamy and lightweight, and it seems like they puts a ton of oils into it, so I often dab a bit on my wrists/neck as a perfume :-)

Dark Angels: I used this cleanser all of last year and absolutely fell in love with it. It looks kind of messy at first.... I mean, it is.....your sink will definitely look a little blacker for a bit but....trust me, it's worth it! It works so well on oily skin like mine. It kind of feels like you're scrubbing dirt on your face, but mixing it with water will allow it to soften up and exfoliate, leaving you feeling fresh and not so oily. Also helps with acne and breakouts by removing oil buildup and giving you more moisture and hydration! It definitely brightened me up
Tea tree water: This toner is a godsend. I love that you can just spray it onto your face instead of needing a cotton round to apply it and I love how fresh it makes you feel. It's a great base for any kind of moisturizer you're using afterwards! This is another product that helped with my oily, spotty skin. Toners are so important for a balanced skin tone and to give you some more moisture after you just washed your face!!
Ocean salt: I SWEAR BY THIS! HONESTLY I DO! I used it all this summer, when I was in the city, in Nantucket, California, at home, everywhere. It's so easy to use, so exfoliating, and you can use it either on your face or your body. It smells like the ocean, like going to the beach and splashing yourself with the cold water. Lush added some avocado and coconut in to hydrate your skin, as well as some lime and vodka to cleanse. This scrubs made my face so much brightener, especially during the summer when my skin is known to get much darker. Highly recommend this product!!
Mint Julips lip scrub: Minty and sweet, you can lick it right after your apply it! Leaves your lips feeling super tingly and soft. They also have other flavors that works just as well if you're not into the mint thing
It Started with a Kiss lip tint: A color you can use after you use the scrub, dark pink but not quite red. Smells kind of chocolate-y and fresh! I love it a lot
Honey Trap lip balm: The cutest lip balm to carry around, and it works like a charm. just a quick sweep onto your lips, and it sinks its soft honey and white chocolate right in. Always soothes my dry lips!
Love Lettuce: I can't say enough good things about love lettuce. Smells great and is super exfoliating, which is something I definitely need! Removes dead skin well and is another great product for oily skin. works best when you first buy it so try to use it all within the first month, at the absolute most!
Cupcake: I wrote Chocolate on the picture oops..... you can see where my confusion lies though. This is another mask that's great for spotty and oily teenage skin! Smells like chocolate (given) and mint, it's cool to the touch and cleanses unbelievably well

I Love Juicy shampoo: The first time I used this shampoo, it literally did a 360 on my hair. And I used maaaaybe a dime-size amount. My hair gets greasy kind of frequently and it honestly removed all signs of oil, leaving it shiny and smooth and full of moisture!! And it smells so lovely. I don’t use it every day though because it doesn’t have a same effect as using it once in awhile. I'm gonna look into the Seanik shampoo bar as a daily!
Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner: Vegan conditioner that smells like rose water and jasmine flowers, and ends up being super moisturizing! The only downside to this conditioner is that the smallest bottle is quite expensive and I need to use a lot of product for it to actually work :( I might try out the Veganese conditioner next time and see if that gives me more value!!
Sultana of Soap: An extremely creamy soap that also happens to look beautiful. Smells very sweet and your skin won't forget it!
Honey I Washed the Kids! soap: Smells and look like caramel dipped in honey, leaves you feeling like you were dipped in warm butter and you will definitely feel super moisturized!! It's very gentle on your skin, and is one of the most popular soaps :-)
Buffy body butter: Use this scrub in the shower, on wet skin, and watch it exfoliate, remove all your dead skin, and leave you looking brighter and feeling so much fresher. There's a lot of cocoa and shea butter in here, so no need to use lotion afterwards! It's done it all for you
Aqua Mirabilis body butter: Pretty much the same effect as Buffy but smells like cocoa and almond butter! Also leaves your skin feeling super soft and matte. There's some sandalwood and oils that sink into your skin and give you the loveliest fragrant smell afterwards!
Rose Jam shower gel: I use this product sparingly because I love it so much! Actually just ordered myself another bottle..... yeah anyway, it smells like rose and lemons, and has a ton of essential oils which gives off a sweet perfume scent. I don't know how much it actually lathers because I've been using a small amount, but it does a lot for how little I put on the loofah!
Ro's Argan body conditioner: This is such a treat to use after exfoliating your body. Like conditioner for your hair, but for your body! Rose-scented, with tons of essential oils and softening butters, this is one of my recent favorites. Use just a bit on your skin, rinse, and pat dry. Leaves you feeling super soft, and smelling like the sweetest roses.

Happy Lush purchases, 

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