first off, just wanna say a quick apology for not blogging at all in 2014. our bad. but it's 2015, we're back, and we promise to be a little more active on here! In the time that we were gone, I finished my sophomore year of college, and started my junior year! I left boston on December 19th, came home to wisconsin and my family, and we left for the Bahamas on the 31st...

 honestly, this past semester was pretty stressful, so being able to go on a vacation like this was a treat. a week of laying out on the beach, getting way darker than I thought was possible, going through tons of books (one thing by b.j. novak is hilarious and witty, definitely recommend!) was really necessary 

if you ever find yourself in the bahamas (nassau/paradise island area) this is what I recommend: go on a daytrip to Rose island. That was, without a doubt, the best day for all of us. They took around 30 of us out on a boat, about 20 minutes away from nassau, to a private island for less than $100 per person. on the island, we could go snorkeling, eat lunch, get drinks, lay out and swim on what was honestly the best beach I've ever been to, use the hammocks, and the best part of it all was that it was only the ~30 of us on the island for the whole day... so relaxing

~selfies on cove beach~
(bc new year's resolution #3: MORE SELFIES, LOVE URSELF)

the trip lasted about a week, and we just got home a couple days ago. let me tell you, going from 80 degree weather to -6 degree weather is not the most pleasant thing in the world...

hope you all enjoyed your winter breaks too and spent it with kind family and friends!! 
love love love, pratibha

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