happy new year!!!! we hope 2014 was kind to all of you! if it wasn't, we're proud of you for making it through the year! you're amazing and deserving of happiness, and we hope 2015 brings you that happiness. we know we've been absent from this blog for a year, but we're back! 2014 was hectic for all of us, but we promise we'll be more active this year. to begin, we wanted to share a few of our new year's resolutions with you.

  • learn when to say no (and when it's ok to say yes!) these last few years of college have been all about figuring out a work-life balance that lets me get my work done without spreading myself too thin, so hopefully i'll get it right in my last semester!! this means paring down my activities and simplifying my routine so i have enough time for productivity but also some spontaneous fun things :)
  • set aside time every day to tidy up. i always slack off in the cleaning-my-room department but i also cannot work if my room is messy or cluttered -- not a great combo. this year i'll focus on working organization into my everyday routine (especially after graduation when i'll have an actual home of my own???) so i can have a clean, pleasant place to spend my time. 
  • keep a better written record of everything you do. i take lots of pictures which are definitely helpful for saving memories, but there are some things that i can't capture in a photo. (also my phone dies all the time.) this year i'm planning on writing all the important stuff down, especially since it'll be such a big year for me!

  • figure out a morning and nightly routine that works best for me. this past semester i was really stressed. stress + no routines in the morning or at night = waking up stressed and anxious and having trouble sleeping because of stress and anxiety. i'm not going to let that happen again. i want to wake up feeling refreshed and excited to start my day. i want to go to sleep relaxed and not thinking about all the things i have to do. a good morning and nightly routine should help me accomplish that.
  • read the news every day. you would think that as a journalism major i'd be reading the news like crazy, right? truth is, i've been seriously slacking in my news intake this past year. that needs to change. i want to be more informed in 2015. i want to be able to have meaningful discussions about current events. i want to read the news i hope to write someday. 
  • be healthier (and blog about it!) i know everyone's resolution is to be healthier and nobody really does it, but i'm not going to be one of those people. health wasn't really my thing in 2014 (or any year before that if i'm being perfectly honest). this year, that's going to change. i'm telling everyone i know that i want to be healthier so i can have group accountability on this, and this is no exception. i'm going to be blogging about my journey to health so that i won't cheat or give up. it'll be hard, but it'll be worth it. 

  • cut toxic people out of your life! if they make you feel bad, they're not worth the time or energy. if they're hurting you, recognize it and stop feeding into their bullshit. focus on yourself and the people you love, and you'll feel a million times better. you're worth surrounding yourself with people who respect you and genuinely want the best for you.
  • indulge in more random acts of kindness! buy coffees for your friends in the mornings, surprise them with their favorite treats when they're feeling stressed, be there for them when they need a listening ear or shoulder to cry on even if you're also having a rough time. it's good karma. genuinely ask people how their days are going, and reach out to old friends. show other people you care about them, because you'd want them to do the same for you.
  • LOVE YOURSELF IN 2015! more selfies! more trips to Lush! more nights in with a movie, your journal, and comforting food! don't feel obliged to go out if you don't want to. life's too short to regret how you spend your time and who you spend it with. love being independent, cherish every moment you have in solitude, try spending time in public alone as well. don't depend on others as much! and remember: you can be happy, sad, angry, argumentative, feminist, quiet, loud, crude, etc without feeling guilty about it. you're a Human being and you're allowed to feel a spectrum of emotions! make 2015 wonderful.

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