trader joe's haul!

some of you may already be aware of this, but i love grocery shopping. i am borderline obsessed with grocery shopping. i love planning out my meals and figuring out the most efficient ingredients to buy to make everything! one of the reasons i moved off the meal plan at school this year was so that i could have more control over what i ate, which means more grocery shopping! luckily, my school provides weekly shuttles to various grocery stores so i don't have to find someone with a car [a rarity] or lug lots of grocery bags on public transportation. i used to always shop at a normal supermarket, shaw's, but this year i've decided to start shopping at trader joe's! i had heard great things about their food, and loved how lots of things looked healthy and organic. so, last weekend pratibha and i did some darjeeling style grocery shopping! as we were waiting for the shuttle to go back, we decided to document our spoils:

[not shown in video: greek yogurt, bananas, black beans, oatmeal, chicken noodle
soup, chickpeas, kind bars, feta cheese, eggs, grapes, pita bread]


$0.19 each. and huge!

feta cubes in brine.
this is sold in a really clever container so the feta is in a little basket which you can pull out to get your portion of cheese, and then lower it back in so it can soak in the brine. perfect for throwing on salads or in pita pockets!

cuban style black beans.
these are SO delicious and much easier than getting plain black beans and having to add all the spices separately. and only $0.99 for a can!

pita bread.
i LOVE pita for its versatility - you can make pita sandwiches, put it in the oven with some olive oil for pita chips, or even spread with tomato sauce and cheese for little pizzas! the trader joe's version is the perfect size for yummy little pita pockets.


pomegranate seeds.
don't get me wrong, i love pomegranate seeds. but these were one of the most expensive things i bought and i only got to have a few because for some reason they went bad after just a couple days even though i kept them in the refrigerator :(

as i mentioned in the video, i don't really like turkey, or meat in general......i should probably just stop buying it? oops. not your fault, tj.

meals & snacks:
some things i've eaten over the past week with these ingredients.

*pita pocket with turkey, havarti, spinach, & hummus.
*baby spinach salad with feta, dried cranberries & walnuts.
*greek yogurt with granola and grapes or pomegranate seeds.
*baby carrots with hummus.
*oatmeal with sliced bananas and peanut butter.
*scrambled eggs with spinach and feta.

i had a super crazy week academically, so i didn't eat a whole lot of defined meals - lots of small study snacks! this week i'm planning on making something yummy with the brussels sprouts - maybe a pesto pasta with brussels sprouts and mushrooms! we shall see.

<3 maria (& pratibha)


  1. "i got bread because i like bread" prat and i are the same ok

  2. Yuuuuumy! Grocery shopping can be the best time or the worst time. haha


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