winding down


in two weeks, i will be back in the US. i don't even know how it's possible that the time has passed by so quickly - i don't even have my chilean cell phone number memorized yet & i still sometimes get lost trying to get to my favorite ice cream place which is literally 1 kilometer from my apartment. but it's true: by next weekend, my 10 weeks of chile will be up.

with all the traveling i’ve been doing around chile each weekend, i’ve promised myself to spend my last weeks here exploring more of our home base of santiago. last weekend, my friend meryl and i explored a local market and finally got some souvenir shopping done, and then snuck into a museum (it was closed, but the door was open...) full of old religious statues and paintings. the next day we took a (free!) walking tour all around the city. after being here all summer we were a bit embarrassed that we had never been to the plaza de armas or seen the downtown area that is basically like the boylston st. of santiago, but we finally got at least a glimpse of everything, including a nice little break in lastarria for pisco sours & cinammon rolls. this weekend i’ll try to fit in some more museum visits (legitimate ones this time) and exploration. then, my parents are coming next wednesday (!!!) and by the weekend we'll head home, by way of a few days in buenos aires (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

at this very moment, i am sitting in lab, looking out my window at a very rainy santiago. we didn’t have power or running water in lab all morning - the city shuts down when it rains. it will be a little weird going back to my lab at MIT - i’ve gotten used to the little quirks here, like storing our lunches in the cold room and celebrating everyone’s birthdays with homemade cake pops. but i’ve done a lot of science here too; i’ve gained experience in new lab techniques and learned so so much about cancer and cell signaling pathways (thanks to the nicest and most helpful and hilarious people who work in my lab) and i am insanely grateful to have had this opportunity to confirm that i love what i’m doing.  

<3 maria

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