summer to-do's

after some unusually obnoxious flight cancellations and way too many plastic cups of complimentary apple juice, i am finally home! i only have 4 full days before i have to head back to school, and while i know i could very easily sleep the entire time, i've come up with a little list of things to do while i still have access to a car and free baking ingredients:

polka dot denim. thrift shop mom jeans + scissors + white fabric paint = cute diy cutoffs? we shall see.

picture frames. i'm foreseeing another trip to the thrift shop for this one. or the dollar store? and spray paint. lots of spray paint. since i'll be living in a triple in my dorm this year (after having my own room for the past 2 years) i really want to create some more permanent decorations to make my space feel a little more like a home rather than just taping things to the walls.

diy studded sweater. i've got some plain sweaters that i hardly ever wear so i thought i'd spruce the shoulders up a bit with some cheap studs from amazon!

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grilled vanilla bean mascarpone peaches with salted bourbon caramel. did you even just read that name?? do yourself a favor & click through to the recipe for some truly beautiful pictures of these noms - i emailed it to my mom like a month ago with "WE ARE SO MAKING THESE WHEN I GET HOME," so, it's happening.

lemon rosemary cake. so classy! can't wait to sit my family down and serve this adorable little cake for tea. (and i get to use my stand mixer again -- i've missed it kind of embarrassingly a lot.)

naked cake. my birthday is coming up, and as much as i love frosting, i've been dying to make a naked cake with pretty layers and decorations on top!

and of course i'll be walking to the gym every day to counterbalance all this cake...........of course. i hope you're all making the most of your last bits of summer & good luck to everyone starting back at school -- i'll be joining you way too shortly!!

xx maria

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