summer beauty products!

nyx lip cream
 i have this product in the colors san paulo and amsterdam, and i love them both a lot :~) the san paulo one is a bit more pinkish, while the amsterdam is better for a red lip. they glide on so smoothly and leave a nice matte look, which actually stays for a long time!! the only downside to this product is that it's not as moisturizing as i'd like but i just put some rose salve on afterwards and then there's no problem!
revlon colorstay ultimate suede lipstick
so i got this in the color SOCIALITE (hah that's me........) and i really like it a lot!! i wanted a more natual looking pink/nude color and because i have dark skin, this was a bit more difficult to find. usually anything i try that's "pink" or "nude" ends up looking too bright or too light but this was definitely the perfect shade! plus, it goes on really smoothly and lasts awhile without reapplication
nyx creme blush
 with other blushes, you probably need to swipe a couple times at the products to get the right amount of color, but with this creme blush, you literally just need a small dab. a little definitely goes a loooong way with this product, since it's extremely pigmented. but it does give a nice and non-chalky look!!
lush lip scrub 
all summer i'd been looking for the perfect lip scrub to use right before i applied any kind of lipstain/balm. so when i was in the lush store not too long ago, on the lookout for something cheap and long-lasting, i ended up buying their scrub in "mint julips"...and i've honestly really been loving it! all you need is a little pinch of product to rub on your lips, and you're good to go. i really liked it because it removed all flakiness/dry skin super easily and gave a really nice base for any other products you may want to use. it also left my lips feeling unbelievably minty and refreshed! plus, you can just lick it right off when you're done applying it, and it tastes pretty darn good
lush facemasks
 these are so so so wonderful and i'm actually heading out to buy some more later this week!! i've only used one so far (cupcake) but it was so good that i'm thinking about trying the love lettuce and brazened honey ones soon. the feeling the mask leaves on your skin is so refreshing, plus it smells quite nice too! very natural, and the effect it claims to have (to decrease oily skin/help with incoming acne) seems to be working on me. i'd definitely look into the different kinds they have if you're having face troubles or just want something to make your skin a bit healthier!!
update: in the time that i first started this post and now, i've actually gotten myself the love lettuce mask as well, and i find that i like it better than the cupcake one!! it has a nice aromatherapy-like smell to it and it very cool and exfoliating on the skin. 10/10 would recommend
eos shaving cream
 i used to use another shaving gel but i saw the eos ones at the store one time, and they were basically the same price, so i decided to give it a shot. they smell really nice, and aren't too frothy (???) that it would make actually shaving difficult!!
dove deodorant
 the best smellin deodorant on this planet earth
herbal essences tousle me softly 
sometimes i straighten my hair, sometimes i don't. when i don't (which is often) i use this product to get some natural and tame waves. without this mousse, my hair usually ends up frizzy in about 2 hours, which is really uncomfortable in this summer heat. so try this product if you have naturally wavy/curly hair!!
baby lips 
my go-to lip balm for summertime. it makes your lips feel super moisturized, and gives it a light tint of color at the same time :~) v good

and ya summer is almost over now.....but whatever, all still good products you can use whenever!!
<3 pratibha

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