diy tissue paper tassel garland!

dorm decorations have been on my mind quite a bit lately so i decided to look into some cheap and easy ways to make my own stuff instead of buying from places like urban outfitters or even etsy!! so here's a simple garland you guys can make from tissue paper (it's time-consuming, yes, but cheap and pretty easy to execute) so enjoy, and i hope it makes sense!

tissue paper (it's difficult to find the gold color in stores, so i just ordered it on amazon!!)
exacto knife (or you could just use scissors)
hot glue gun (i used super glue)
corkboard to cut on (if you're using an exacto knife)

i used three sheets of each color to make one full garland and because each sheet gives you four tassels, that's 36 tassels in total! you can definitely always use more or less, but i thought this was a good amount for the length of twine i wanted to use. let's get started!

for this next step, make sure that if you're using an exacto knife that you're cutting on top of a corkboard! and be careful, because these are extremely sharp instruments!! 
and don't forget to leave 2 inches at the top :~)

after you cut this down the middle, you'll get 3 pieces of tissue and one will be bigger than the other two. take this one and cut it in half. now you'll have four equal pieces! take each one of those pieces and...

once you've twisted it into a long strand, form a loop at the top and use superglue/hot glue gun to hold that loop shape. leave to dry for a bit and then string it all together and enjoy your finished product!

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