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hello friends! this summer is coming to an end so quickly...i can't believe i go back to school in almost three weeks!!! so excited but also a little bit sad that summertime is over...because i won't have as much time to do as many things as i'd like to...oh well. this past month has been jam-packed with traveling and roadtrips and family and friends, it's been really insane! but i've been loving every single minute of it, so i just wanted to share some pictures with you guys. the first trip we went on was to seven springs resort in pennsylvania, and it was so beautiful...tons of fog, forestry, and quality ~family time~

there was a lot of food involved...

the next weekend, we headed up north to door county in wisconsin for the 4th of july. it's a small town next to lake michigan with tons of cute restaurants, water-related activities, and precious shops. and surprisingly, it ended up being one of the best trips we have ever been on! from strawberry picking to sunsets on our hotel's private beach to drive-in theaters, i really can't imagine a better family vacation (and if maria and alex ever come visit wisconsin, i am definitely taking them to door country bc i know they would love the quaintness of it all)

and then the next weekend, i took a train to michigan by myself to visit some old and wonderful friends from the middle school years!! and also to see one direction...which was obviously great. and i just want to say how nice it is that i haven't lost touch with a lot of my friends from way back in 2007 because they're all such amazing people and i've missed them so much (from all the moving around and whatnot) so it was a week well spent in their company

alriiiiight, that's all for now! but since college is approaching again, i'm working on a couple diy projects and ~beginning of college~ posts, so stay tuned for those posts coming shortly...and have a great rest of the summer, you donuts...
 <3 pratibha

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