DIY paper star garland

hello beautiful people! so the other day my mom mentioned that she wanted to go to michael's and i totally jumped on the opportunity to buy some supplies for a project that i've been dying to do, a paper garland! the one i made was inspired by this post on ohcrafts.net but instead of hearts, i chose a star-shaped hole-puncher! 

so the only things you need for this project are a hole-puncher (choose any shape/size you want!), different color sheets of cardstock, and a needle & thread.

first, punch out as many stars (or whatever shape you chose) as you want. i didn't really count how many i used, i just kinda went with it.

then, simply "sew" the stars together! i'm sure you could do this any way you want but what i did was i pushed the needle through the colored side, out the white side, through the same white side, and out the colored side. 

continue doing this until your garland is as long as you want. it's that easy! plus you can totally make it your own by doing it in a pattern, in the colors of your favorite sports team, your school colors, or anything you want! it's totally up to you.

so there you have it! this was a super easy and fun project to do and i can't wait to do more DIY projects! i also can't wait to hang this up in my dorm! and speaking of dorms, as soon as i move in i'll do a little tour of mine for you guys! ahhh college!

<3 alex

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