cruisin (part 2)

hello beautiful people! here's the last batch of pictures from my cruise! 

^^ my sister, my cousin and i in one of the ship's many pools and one of my favorite pictures from our trip to st. john! ^^

the ship docked at st. thomas, but we didn't stay there long. we took a taxi, a ferry, and then another taxi to get to the beach in st. john and it was totally worth the trip. st. john is absolutely beautiful. the water is crystal clear and the beaches are small and isolated. it felt like we were on our own private island!

^^ some wild donkeys! they were just chillin right outside the beach in st. john. we were so tempted to touch them, but used our better judgement and decided against it. ^^

^^ we went snorkeling! it was my first time ever and it was soooo much fun. we saw lots of tropical fish and even a stingray! there were tons of schools of teeny-tiny fish everywhere and it was so fun swimming through them because they make way for you! it was awesome. ^^

^^ our last stop was at st. maarten. this was my second time on the island and it was even better than the first. we went to the beach on the french side of the island (it's divided into two sides: french and dutch) and it was great. they have lots of water-activities to do such as parasailing, jet-skis, water-trampolines, etc. ^^

^^ me and the fam. i love them. (also me reppin the gator nation!) ^^

^^ us before riding jet-skis! my sister drove most of the time (i was terrified the whole time she drove) but i drove a bit towards the end of our 30-minute session (driving is waaaay better than being a passenger). it was so much fun! i felt like a total badass (; ^^ 

^^ the "kids" of the group at the mexican restaurant on board the ship. i put kids in quotation marks because our ages ranged from 15 to 23 (except for my 11-year-old cousin, poor guy) sooo yeah. "kids." ^^

so that's pretty much my cruise in a nutshell! it was soo much fun (10/10 would cruise again). but now that i'm back in reality it's time for me to get my life organized and prepare to move into my dorm!! i'm so excited to begin this new chapter of my life and i can't wait to share it with all of you! stay tuned!

<3 alex

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