cruisin (part 1)

hello everyone! so I came back from a cruise not too long ago and wanted to share my experience with you all! I cruised on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas and it was amazing. The ship is huge and filled with so many things to do. Some include zip-lining, rock-climbing, surfing, mini golf, a casino, a karaoke bar, a basketball court, a billion pools and hot tubs, and so much more! 

        ^^ there was even a carousel on the ship! one floor had a "boardwalk" and it was decorated like a carnival and it was possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen. ^^

our first stop on the cruise was the bahamas! more specifically, nassau. the group I was with (including myself and my family) had all been to the Bahamas before so there was really not much worth doing....except a trip to sr. frogs!

sr. frogs is an ~island-y~ restaurant with many locations across the caribbean, mexico, and even a few in the united states! it was so much fun being there. there was music and dancing and plenty of shots to go around (; 

^^ the whole restaurant was covered in funny signs like the one above, but that one was my favorite (if you know me at all you're probably not surprised). ^^

so that's it for now! just wanted to put some pictures up to introduce my trip and buy me some time to edit and organize the pictures from st. thomas/st. john and st. maarten because those are the really good ones. i'm talking island paradise here, folks. so yeah, stay tuned for those! i hope you're all having amazing summers!
<3 alex 


  1. wow this is so summery and fun awh awh so cute!

  2. farts are the screams of trapped poop o m g #alex


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