a delicious (and simple) summer treat!

so we're right in the middle of summer (can you believe it's july already???) and you all know how many yummy temptations there are this time of year. from ice-cold popsicles to refreshing sodas to warm pie...so many good things ~salivates~ but ice cream is definitely the #1 summer staple, in my opinion!! however, if you want to stay healthy, eating it every single day is not the way to go (or so i'm told...) but with this simple recipe, no more worries! you can have delicious ice cream anytime you want :~)

the best thing about this recipe is that is calls for JUST ONE INGREDIENT: BANANAS!
this is all you need for the ice cream portion alone, but if you want to make it into an ice cream sandwich, you're also going to need oats. and if you want the ice cream to have different flavors, there are substitutes you can use, which i'll talk more about later. let's get staaaarted...

you're going to need 2 ripe bananas (i only used 2 because i made 2 portions of ice cream but 1 is perfectly fine too!) and 1 cup of oats + 1 banana for the cookie portion of the recipe

first slice up the 2 bananas for the ice cream, put them into a bowl, and stick them into the freezer for a few hours. overnight would probably work best! i only left them in for 3 hours, which definitely affected the outcome of the recipe...i was impatient...alas

while you're waiting for the bananas to freeze, you can probably start on the cookies. first pre-heat the oven to 350 °F. then take 1 cup of oats (rolled oats work best, but we only had steel cut :~( would not recommend) and put it into a food processor. grind it until it's fine and looks like flour. then mix in 1 banana, either in the food processor or with your hands!

this recipe calls for 4 cookies but you can adjust it if you want more or less. roll the oats + banana mixture into four balls and flatten them into a tray. i used wax paper underneath and they come out of the oven just fine! leave them in for ~15 minutes

after your bananas are completely frozen, take them out and put them into the food processor. blend for 1-2 minutes on high. at first, they might not look so much like ice cream but they will eventually!! this is the part where you can also add other ingredients. i used 2 tbsp. of nutella in mine but you could also add peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, etc. have fun with it!

if your ice cream doesn't look the way you want it to (aka it's too liquidy and not ice cream-y enough) stick it in the freezer for some more time. take out the cookies when they're all finished and enjoy a nice + healthy ice cream sandwich (or just ice cream lol) :~)

<3 pratibha

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