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hello friends! today's post is going to be a little different in that i'm going to take the attention off myself and my life for a bit, and instead focus on people i really believe you guys ought to know about. so you may or may not know this about me, but i'm the kind of person who gets attached to really wonderful and inspiring people quickly and when i get to know people like this, i tend to scream it from the rooftops. i literally tell everybody about how great this person is because i feel like everybody should know!!! and love this person as much as i've grown to!!! there's always a disgusting amount coverage on bad people, celebrities, and general negativity in the media, so much so that i feel the need to share some of the lesser known positive souls with you gems. and because all of us are growing up in the internet era, we have access to a much larger group of amazing people, making it easier for us to become inspired by complete strangers. and i love it so much. so yeah, i split these people into two categories: the bloggers and the youtubers
(although they do intersect sometimes...ah well) enjoy!

i've been following naomi and her family over at lovetaza for about a year now, i think, and i have to admit that i've become completely obsessed! not only with her family in general but also with her positive outlook on life and the way naomi (along with her husband josh, and children eleanor and samson) seem to make every day into a bright new adventure. if you're into good vibes and adorable children, i would highly recommend this blog. not only do they openly share beautiful sneak peeks into their busy new york lives (which is super precious) they also offer tips and tricks to their subscribers on photography, recipes, and cute products they're currently loving. they're an extremely bubbly, friendly, and kind-hearted family, and if you're not following them already, i really encourage you to! their frequent posts will make your gloomy days better and inspire you to laugh and love more with your friends and family. not only do they run this lovely blog, but they also take really pretty snapshots on their instagrams (josh // naomi) and write nice things about the world on their twitters (josh // naomi). honestly the most precious family in the world.

onto blogger number 2! i recently started following james and her family of four over at bleubirdvintage and they're quickly becoming a strong favorite. they're a quiet but extremely unique group of individuals who live very beautiful and inspiring lives. one of my favorite things about this particular family is the fact that james chooses to homeschool her kids and frequently blogs about her techniques in doing so. although i have no children of my own, i find these posts really interesting FOR SOME REASON UNBEKNOWNST TO ME and i'm sure you will too!! they live in a secluded location in tennessee and spend a fair amount of time outside and close to nature, which is all documented through beautiful photography and quick-witted blog posts by james. i truly appreciate the emphasis she puts on her kids and their well-being, and it's so nice to watch her raise them in a way that's so different from anything i've ever seen before. not only does she blog about her family and how she's chosen to raise them, but she also shares home design tips and little things she loves in the online shopping world (something i'm definitely into). PLUS: she has a stunning instagram that you all should be following.

and now for my favorite youtubers! the channel zoella is something i stumbled upon early last year during my ~british youtubers obsession phase~ and the user behind it (zoe sugg) is definitely one of the cutest vloggers i know! she is so bubbly and positive all the time, and her videos are sure to put a smile on your face. her specialty is beauty videos but i usually just watch her vlogs in which she travels around england/other parts of the world with her family/youtube friends (aka the harries twins, casper lee, alfie, tanya burr, etc). together, they all seem to make up the cast of an extremely quirky british reality tv show, and zoe is definitely a favorite character. she's just so relatable and not intimidating at all, honestly somebody whose videos you could just watch for hours and think "wow, i could really be her best friend!" PLUS, she is both a harry potter AND one direction fan which really makes her one of the coolest british youtubers i know. you can also find her on instagram and twitter!

and finally last, but definitely not least, i'm going to gush about essiebutton! known to the youtube community as estée, she's a native canadian who lives in england with her...british asian boyfriend...who she met on the internet (omegle to be specific)??? all those facts coupled with her amazing personality definitely won me over in the span of one video. she's also a beauty vlogger like zoe but i mainly watch her videos for her INSANE sense of humor and quirky personality. she's so dry and sarcastic and reminds me so much of myself, i just can't get enough! not to mention the fact that she and her boyfriend aslan are BEYOND ADORABLE. the way she comes off on camera makes me believe that she's somebody i could truly be good friends with. i love how she doesn't think of herself as much of an expert on anything and how she's so open about her life and all the weird things that make her and aslan so lovable. she's honest and introverted (which makes her videos 1000x better) and her happiness radiates out of the computer screen like nothing i've ever seen before. definitely my #1 favorite youtuber of all time. i'm excited to see what she has in store for the future, and until then, i'm just following her instagram and fawning over her precious little life.

i hope you guys enjoyed this review of ~cool people from the internet~ and hopefully you all found some new people to follow and get inspiration from!! sometimes i find it's easy to get bothered with the same old people in my day to day life and their frequent negativity and i've personally overcome most of those problems by seeking solace in the lives of complete strangers. their happiness and positive attitudes always inspire me to be a better person, and i'm definitely glad to have found them. have a nice summer, friends!

<3 pratibha

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