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hello friends! i thought i would just update you all on ~my life~ at the moment. i've been spending a lot of time with the family recently which has actually been really fun not gonna lie :~) doing a lot of relaxing, eating ice cream, working at the froyo shop, watching parks and rec/the kardashians, writing letters...it's all been quite a blast...and we're all heading on a road trip early tomorrow morning to pennsylvania so that should be a gas...

in exciting news, my sister graduated from the 8th grade this past month which means she's moving onto high school! it's so weird that in just 4 years she'll be going to college?? but i know she's going to have a lot of fun in high school (that cheerleader life) but i just hope she has time to enjoy it without getting stressed about higher education from the parentals already :///// whatever she has 2 years until she has to worry about those things...

also! my birthday was on the 16th (19 years old wow such a "eh" birthday) but it was fun nonetheless! hung out with my mom and sister, shopping and eating, and receiving a couple of precious packages in the mail from my far-away friends. very good.

and we went to the 3rd ward in milwaukee for my parents' 22nd anniversary which was SO CUTE omg i couldn't believe that we'd never been there before! it's a downtown setting next to the water and even though the weather wasn't the best, we still had a great time popping in and out of stores (like anthropologie...) and eating the most delicious noms at this large food market! and apparently they have outdoor markets every saturday with fresh foods and homemade goods so i definitely want to check that out one weekend

so yeah basically i'm super excited for the rest of the summer because it's been pretty great so far (resort in pennsylvania, door county, michigan, one direction, seeing abby hopefully)!!! i hope you all are having beautiful summers as well and spending time with the people you love!

(i really do miss the winter though sigh)

<3 pratibha

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