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hello friends! so it's been summer for awhile now (a whole month!!! where has the time gone tbh) and i do apologize for not updating this blog as often as i'd hoped to...but now that school is finally over, we all have a lil bit more time on our hands (well maybe not maria...she's busy curing cancer or something in chile...) but we have a new blog design and we definitely want to start posting more frequently!! and i'm starting with a nice first year of college reflection post. a lot has happened, and i have mixed emotions about the year as a whole (mostly good like 95% good) but there are definitely some things i want to change come next year, and a couple of mistakes i've made that i hope you all can learn from :~)


i just wanted to start off by saying DANG i sure do miss boston a whole lot!! it's definitely weird being back home, after a whole 8 months of being away and independent and doing new and exciting things everyday, but i guess a break is always nice. but it is a long break nonetheless (still have 3 more months left, what???) and it's given me a lot of time to think about the collection of things that made my first year of college so amazing. the #1 thing that immediately comes to mind when thinking about this incredible past year is something so obvious and cliché that i would be lying to myself if i didn't mention it: ALL THE FRIENDS

marathon monday (before the scary things happened)

i can't say it enough but the people i met this year in boston are some of the greatest people i have ever met in my life. they are different from each other in the best ways, and i'm so lucky to know each and every single one of them. college is a difficult time, that much is for sure, but when you have the right kind of people surrounding you, it becomes a million times better. those bad test grades you get every now and again? nothing a little movie and late-night pad thai run with your roommates can't fix. randomly self-conscious about your abilities or your appearance? you'll have tons of friends by your side, telling you that everything will be alright, and sometimes all you really need is a good back rub to make that sinking feeling disappear. a little homesick? well, that's what the entire city of boston is for!! friends who will drag you along on crazy adventures around the city and make you fall in love with your new home, the perfect cure to any bout of homesickness you may fall under


and i am grateful to these beautiful people for always being there for me

the boston commons after the marathon bomber was finally caught and we weren't on lockdown anymore...

your freshman year of college will be full of amazing moments for sure, but there will also be a lot of difficulties. not doing as well as you'd hoped in certain classes, which will lead you to question why you're even going to school in the place, which will then make you wonder whether or not you're even good at what you're trying to study. you'll seriously consider opening a fast-food joint at several stages in your college career but i must urge you to take these frequent moments with a grain of salt, because you are never the only person feeling these doubts about your future. you can always only do your best, be happy, and if you're not satisfied with your result, put in a little more work the next time


take advantage of all the tools your college has to offer! get a tutor, study with friends, go to office hours. college is, first and foremost, your ticket to an education. if you're not happy with your grades, improve them. but never ever compare yourself to your peers. and at the end of the day, your grades are definitely not the most important thing in the world. they're just numbers and letters and they do not define you! i've said it before and i'll say it again: your own happiness always comes first


college is not only the time for you to learn new things and educate yourself in preparation for the future, but also a time to learn about yourself. take care of yourself, and surround yourself with beautiful people and moments! learn what makes you happy, no matter what anybody else thinks. the goal of college isn't to come out ready to serve major corporations and make millions of dollars, so don't pick your major based on whether or not your loser friends think it's "useful" or not. whatever you study will definitely be useful if you love it enough

i am so content with my freshman year of college and i'm itching to go back in august and do it all over again! i'm living in a brownstone by the charles river with some of my closest friends (and with maria right across from me!) and i couldn't be more excited. i'm also heading back two weeks early to be a fystaff leader for a group of incoming freshman, wandering and volunteering in one of the greatest cities in the world, so there's definitely something to look forward to


i already miss a lot of things about my freshman year of college so to any incoming freshman, i have one piece of advice: be happy and treat each day like a new adventure. there are always new places to go and new people to meet!! don't ever hold back, and you will have the greatest first year ever

THESE THREE!!! next year definitely won't be the same without chan and em living 3 seconds away

i love you all so much and hope you stay tuned throughout my next 3 years of college!

<3 pratibha

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