ain't nobody got time to go to an actual spa (or money to spend on fancy masks), so here are some precious home spa recipes that pratibha and i tried out recently!

we made this in a ratio of about 3 yogurt:2 honey, and left it on for about 20 minutes before washing it off. even though the consistency was pretty runny (making it a little messy to apply), it thickened as we sat with it on, and it left our faces feeling super soft and refreshed :) this mask is especially nice for those with dry, sensitive skin (like me!).

prat used this a second time, with mashed banana added, and she says: "the second time really did wonders for my face!! my skin feels much more rejuvenated and looks 1000x more glowing. make sure to use really ripe bananas though...otherwise it won't stick!"

just make sure you don't make too much -- it just has to cover your face in a thin layer! we made a ton and then every single person who walked into the room saw the bowl of lumpy yogurt and got super grossed out. but you could totally eat the leftovers if you wanted.

this is a super fancy name for literally just cutting open a lemon, squirting honey onto it, and rubbing it on your face. it's meant to refresh your skin and clear out your pores, and that's exactly what it does! you can definitely feel the cleansing as you rub your honey-covered lemon over any problem areas.

and that's all! a ton of liberty can be taken with these recipes -- for example, we've read that you can even just put some lemon juice in the greek yogurt/honey mask for simultaneous moisturizing and blackhead-reducing action, or add spices like nutmeg & cinnamon to exfoliate -- so let us know if you do any experimentation!

<3 maria


  1. i hope you use these recipes metin! you already have such a beautiful face but you know! whatever!


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