my last homecoming

so yesterday was the last day of my last homecoming week ever. it was perfect. we had a pep rally and then a field day. our senior float came out perfect and our senior skit (which i was taylor swift in!) was amazing. i had so much fun dancing during field day (i probably looked like an idiot but oh well who cares, right?). i wish i could rewind time and relive it. i'm getting teary-eyed writing this post oh lord. i'm going to miss my school so much. i can't believe how close i am to graduating. it's days like those that make me remember to enjoy every moment as it comes because i am never going to be able to go back to high school again. i have been so blessed to be able to attend a school in which everyone truly cares for each other and where the students and teachers actually form true and lasting friendships. i don't think i could find that at any other high school here. as graduation day comes closer and closer i'm definitely going to try to take advantage of every moment i have left with all of the amazing people in my class. only four months left ahhh! 

♥ alex

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