thankful for nyc

i want to start this post off by saying i hope you all had really lovely thanksgiving breaks and were able to eat the most delicious foods, spend time with your family and friends, and just relax (because now it's time for finals and major studying and things are not so relaxing anymore wah) 
but anyway

i didn't get to go home this past thanksgiving, but i did get the opportunity to visit new york city for the first time ever! and it was wonderful. i don't know how to explain this simply, but cities have always felt like home to me naturally...no matter where they are. i'm pretty sure even if i traveled to foreign countries, i would feel the same way in their cities as well. because there's this similar feeling you experience when you're in a bustling place full of beautiful lights and great music, that's just buzzing with wonderful people and familiar sounds, and it's like home to me. while i was in nyc, i got to visit central park and walk around times square (do some shopping!), as well as go to the top of the rock and see the manhattan skyline from brooklyn heights! so it was a worthwhile trip, i'd say. plus i got some really nice pictures from my time there as well...

apparently food trucks are really big around nyc?? which is strange for me, because street food is always something to stay away from (typical indian parents) but i get it because it's not always the cleanest thing in india, but in america, i guess everything is actually super sanitary! i didn't get to try anything from a food truck during this past trip, but i'm hoping to during my next visit

dat chrysler building

 ok um central park was so beautiful??? my all-time favorite thing about this season is the changing color of the leaves and central park was definitely one of the best places to visit to see tons of scarlet and amber treetops. plus, they were blowing up the macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons on west side, so we got to get a little glimpse of that as well!

some of you may or may not know this about me, but i'm currently studying to become a math major (yay fun!!! but really) so my cousin took me to her office at bloomberg towers just to see one of the many job opportunities i could have as a statistician...and wow. it was just so amazing because it's exactly the kind of atmosphere i've always pictured myself working in. very modern, yet casual, and right in the middle of the city...just a couple streets away from times square!

we also decided to go to brooklyn heights and see the manhattan skyline from there because you can never get enough of that stunning nyc skyline :-) and then we also decided to get really delicious falafels and have 5 meals in 1 day because food is number one reason for life (it was thanksgiving ok!!) we didn't have a traditional thanksgiving dinner because it was just the two of us and we don't really celebrate thanksgiving anyway, so it was still nice!

of course, we did a little shopping...

and we also wandered through bryant park for awhile...it was really nice this time of year because there was ice skating and all these cute little shops (got a little christmas gift shopping out of the way!) and it's just a really quaint place to gather with friends/family and have a place to talk or play table tennis or share a doughnut, y'know, just get away from the sometimes crazy madness of new york city

and these last two pictures were the highlights of my trip okay

but yeah, my first time in nyc was GREAT! and i cannot wait to go back sometime soon to do the list of one million things i didn't get a chance to do the first time around. like go to a taping of the jimmy fallon show...or a taping of snl...or go to the nbc experience store and buy myself a f.r.i.e.n.d.s. mug...it's not sad if those are the only things i actually care about is it
hm well i hope you enjoyed these pictures :-)
and good luck if you have any upcoming exams! be sure to stay focused for these last couple of weeks, winter break is just around the corner...you can do it.
♥ pratibha


  1. I love the pictures! It all looks so gorgeous and that bench dedication is especially sweet. I went to New York when I was in sixth grade and this makes me want to go back someday.

  2. Such beautiful photos! You have a lovely blog!

    I'm a new follower!


  3. These pictures are all BEAUTIFUL!! Also, I love the concept of this blog!! I tried to do it with my best friendo once but it broke off after I was the only one who posted, teehee. Anyways, I'm following!


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