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i haven't had much time to do a college reflections post yet, so i thought now (early november) would be the perfect time to explain how much i feel college has changed me already. i mean, i've gone my entire life wondering if and when i'd finally be happy being somewhere, when i'd finally stop thinking "i can't wait to get out of this place." it started when i was thirteen, when i moved to atlanta, the first time i really truly up and left a state. for five years i wondered if life would get any better than where i was at the moment (from atlanta to wisconsin in my junior year) and my mind was constantly fixed on the idea of moving back to michigan. it was all i could think about and the university of michigan was my ultimate goal. i completely convinced myself that i would never be happy/content with my life if i wasn't studying at umich with my old friends, and i became fixated on the idea that there was only one path for me to take in order to finally be happy. but i was so wrong. when my michigan plans fell through, i was scrambling to find another school that i would be just as, if not more, excited about attending. and i knew for a fact, in that moment, that i didn't want to go anywhere i'd already been before. i realized that i found a thrill in going to new places, trying new things, meeting new people. and isn't that what college is about? going out of your comfort zone? and whether that's connecting with different types of people or diving into a new paths of study or opening your mind to new ideas, i honestly believe that those are the things that make college so rewarding in the end (and your degree, i suppose)

and so i decided to come to boston! there's something so refreshing about meeting new people and listening to new ideas and basically just getting away from everything that made you feel incomplete back home. and it's not just the city of boston or the people. it's the freedom that comes with being at college, and i think a lot of people can relate to this feeling, no matter where they are. and maybe i'm just appreciating it so much more because of how restrained i felt with my family. either way, i'm loving it so much and i'm just excited for the next 4 years and beyond (i definitely just typed beyonce ok)
and no matter how hard i'm struggling with my calculus quizzes right now, or how frustrated i get with my essays in crisis lit, or with my math major in general, i know that everything is going to be okay in the end. everything will work out because it just has to! and i promise, if you put in enough effort and time toward your studies but make sure you'll still making time to enjoy the people and sights around you, you will have the most wonderful college experience, i swear 
                                                                                                                                            ♥ pratibha 

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