senior day

i know i've been posting a lot about senior stuff, but hey, i can't help it! too many amazing things are happening this year!
yesterday was senior day. the school allowed us to skip two periods to have a picnic outside as a class. we brought food and blankets and we sat, ate, and enjoyed each other's company. we were officially "crowned" as the leaders of the school, which made me feel pretty cool. overall it was an amazing experience and i can definitely feel my class becoming more and more united every day.
i'm really going to miss this feeling; being a big fish in a small pond. in less than a year i'll be on my own somewhere. the uncertainty gets to me sometimes, and it makes me feel so afraid of what's to come, but it's days like yesterday that remind me to enjoy life as it comes, and to not worry so much about the future (which i do like, every day).

EDITED: oh and speaking of the future, i finished all of my college applications! and i only cried twice during the whole process!! i think that deserves some kind of award, right? (;

I edited out the part about people asking questions because honestly, I probably won't get any, so I'll just do a general post about college apps and some tips that I received throughout the process that I thought were helpful and stuff like that. 

i hope you're all having a great weekend!

♥ alex

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