if you were to take a look into my iphone, this is what you'd find....

1. Facebook
although I don't use the facebook app that often, i like it a lot because i can use it to check up on things really quick without getting too distracted. 

2. Twitter
twitter is a different story. i'm in love with twitter. if you don't already follow me, you should, 'cause i tweet some pretty clever stuff. the twitter app is my lifesaver. i check it all the time to avoid awkward eye contact in the hallways & unnecessary conversations. as you can see i'm not a social butterfly.

3. Goodreads
if you don't have a goodreads account, stop reading this post and go make one right now. if you love reading as much as i do, then this website/app will make your life 23482347 times easier. on goodreads you can keep track of all the books you've ever read, are currently reading, or want to read. the to-read list is the best because now i can never forget the names of books that people recommend to me. i just whip out my iphone, type in the name of the book, and it's saved forever! 

4. Flixster
if you go to the movies a lot, flixster is your app! flixster makes it super easy to find movie times and movie theaters near you. you can even watch trailers and read critics' reviews. super handy for those days when you can't decide what to watch or have no idea what's even playing, which is basically every time i go to the movies...

5. Instagram
if you have an iphone and you don't have an instagram, you're doing it wrong. that is all.

6. VSCO Cam
vsco cam is basically a classier instagram without the social part of it. you can edit pictures with more professional-looking effects and keep the original dimensions of the picture, which i like a lot. you can keep your pictures on the app, export them to your camera roll, or export them to facebook, twitter, or instagram. i've been taking most of my pictures with it lately and i love it.

7. PicStitch 
picstitch is the perfect collage-making app. it has a wide selection of layouts to choose from. just double tap the frame, select your picture, and place it. boom, a super cute collage of you and your dog/all the foods you ate this week/different outfits/whatever your little heart desires.

8. Whale Trail 
i usually don't have games on my phone, but whale trail is the exception to the rule. i'm warning you now, if you get this game, you will become addicted. you basically have to avoid hitting the clouds and keep your fuel up by catching all the colored bubbles. if your fuel runs out or you hit a cloud for too long, you die. the farther you travel, the higher score you get. my current high score is 1,421,124. yeah.

so there you have it! a little peek into my iphone. if you have any cool apps you wanna share with us, leave a comment! 

♥ alex

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