cold coffee and autumn leaves

if you don't know who ed sheeran is already, try to think of what honey mixed with chocolate on a winter's morning would feel like, and that's ed for you. he's a british singer-songwriter known famously for both his unique voice and amazing lyricism, who gained major popularity in the usa just in the past year. 'the a team' is his most recognizable song but his other ones are just as great, if not better, so you should get all of his albums anyway! and i swear to you, by the end of this post, you will want to marry ed sheeran. you will probably want to have his little ginger babies. and you'll most likely want him to sing 'cold coffee' to you every autumn morning, wrapped in warm comforters and woolen clothing, because he will give you a lot of unwanted but nice, fuzzy feelings

as i mentioned in a previous post, maria and i went to see this precious ginger soul on september 19th, and it was, hands down, the most wonderful night of my young life. i can't imagine another artist who could even come close to that kind of experience for me. it was everything about the concert, from being on the floor, so close to him, to listening to all his original songs plus a couple covers, and have them sound exactly the way they do on the album. i think that's when you know you've found a really great talent. he engaged the audience so well by making us a part of the show and we could tell he actually cared a lot about his fans and his music, which is something you don't come by often with musicians and artists nowadays.

ed being his wonderful self at the house of blues

i remember hearing about ed last october when his music video for lego house came out and the only reason i even watched it was for rupert grint to be honest heh...but thank god i did because listening to ed's music changed my life and i'm not even exaggerating when i say this. because wow he actually is such a wonderful person (i mean, i can only imagine, because i'm not actually best friends with him...although i pretend to be) and performer and i want to take him home in my pocket and let him croon love songs into my ear all day

anyway, i videotaped one of my favorite performances by him that night (and i didn't really videotape much of the show because i was too busy enjoying it but i'm so glad i got this one!) he was singing kiss me and told everybody to be quiet and not sing along. and everybody actually listened. so all we could hear was his guitar and beautiful voice and i may or may not have cried...ahem, so take a listen...

so if you ever have the opportunity to see ed in concert, do it! the $75 i spent was well worth it and i would definitely do it again. also, stick around after the show to meet him because he always comes out to say hi to the fans! this is something i really regret not doing ugh but regardless, it was a flawless show and a great way to kick off my college years :-)

♥ pratibha

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