autumn is a nice season

a very harsh truth i've come to realize during my first two months in boston: the weather is everything but reliable :-( one day, it's 70 and a cloudless sunny, the next day, it's pouring rain and a chilly 40 degrees! so i tend to think a lot about how i'm dressing every morning (although this usually ends up with me throwing on a pullover sweatshirt, rainboots, and praying that it won't rain because i want my hair at least to look presentable...) so yeah, one of my favorite things about autumn is wearing fall-appropriate clothing, and for me, this means buying lots of boots, sweaters, denim, and leggings. if there's one thing i've learned at college, it's that it's OKAY to wear leggings because nobody gives a shit about anything other than comfort! and warmth! so wear leggings all you want is what i'm preachin' :-)

pictured above: this is a very typical outfit for me...floral tank top, denim shirt, black leggings, and boots. it's simple and comfortable and it usually keeps me pretty warm throughout the ups and downs of a typical day in boston weather. and if i know it's going to rain (which i rarely ever do), i just throw on a rain jacket and rain boots instead. i mean, to be honest, i actually wear rain boots 4/7 days of the week lol it's considered high-fashion, i promise! but it's kind of sad though, because whenever i try to look cute because i think it's going to be a super sunny and beautiful day based on the morning weather, it always ends up hardcore raining when i've already left my dorm and i'm just very unprepared for it ugh boston weather really messes with my mind, no joke

but on a happier note, somebody gave me this nice balloon when i wore this outfit
so that was kind of precious

hope you all have a nice weekend and a lovely autumn!

♥ pratibha  

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