tips for the incoming college freshman

so college life has finally arrived for me! these past two weeks (it doesn't even seem like that long since i've been in boston wow) have been so incredibly crazy but also very very exciting and although i always feel tired, i wouldn't never want to go back home to my old life for anything. i mean, i've never been away from my family for this long so i don't really know how i'm supposed to feel, but as bad as it may seem, i don't think i've been feeling homesick at all. which is good, i guess (not to be sad) but it's still a little strange for me to be this okay with leaving. i just love boston so much because of how friendly and welcoming the people are and how many things there are to do here. everyday honestly just reaffirms how happy i am to have made the decision to come to this university and i feel so lucky to just be here.

onto the college life...i met both my roommates as soon as i moved in which was great because it gave us a lot of time to bond before we actually had to get to classes (pictured on the right: emilie and abby are two very precious peaches and i don't think i could have gotten two better roomies tbh). we all took part in this week-long volunteering program called fysop (abby and i were in homeless and housing together) and it was very cute because each group had three leaders who were also like…our mentors to the way of college...yup so we just volunteered around at homeless shelters, project 8 housing, and donation centers for children, and basically got to know some other freshman and make friends before we were thrown into the confusion of classes and work. the past two weeks have kind of been a whirlwind of failed frat parties, successful frat parties, a childish gambino concert, a series of math classes, reading the brief wondrous life of oscar wao (which, by the way, is a great book and you should all read it...), meeting up with maria, and meeting tons of lovely human beings. it’s taken some time for me to get adjusted to it all so i definitely don’t think i know everything yet but i thought i would make a short list of tips for you to follow in case you’re in the same messy freshman situation as i am J

  • people are very very very friendly and nice to you, so now is not the time to be a cynical human being! be friendly back.  i was very closed off whenever i moved to new schools and states, first in the 8th grade to atlanta and then again in the 11th grade to wisconsin. those were definitely mistakes i learned from this time around. so don’t close yourself off, especially at the very beginning. if you are a very introverted person naturally, try and make time for both quiet time and socializing time. i’m not asking you to go a frat party every night or even at all! but maybe just watching a tv show/movie with somebody new or grabbing a meal at the dining hall could be the start of a beautiful friendship 
  • give everybody a chance. i must admit that when i first saw my roommate emilie on facebook and talked to her for awhile, i thought she was going to be somebody who partied a lot and who wouldn’t talk to me but it turns out that she’s actually super friendly and inclusive and has a goofy side to her that not many people know about (also, she is a hilarious drunk so…)
  • make an effort to get along with your roommates. it’s important that you guys are good friends if you’re going to be living together for a year! take a roommate outing to a movie or a restaurant (we’ve eaten many meals in the dining hall together/gone to a couple of frat parties/went shopping on newbury street). it’s just a good way to get to know each other outside of your room. and i love my roommates so much like honestly i don't know how i got so lucky!
  •  try new things. i was wary about getting involved with new and unfamiliar clubs but you quickly get over that fear when you realize just how many things there are to do! and just how people don’t give a fuck about if you do them or not. boston is such an open place for opinions, ideas, expression, and opportunity.
  • have fuuun! school is definitely very important so i suggest scheduling specific hours for studying each night just to make sure you actually work and that you don’t get caught up in the sometimes overwhelming social aspect of college. but you should also make time for new friends. hanging out in your room 24/7 might not be the best way to have an enjoyable four years.
               ♥ pratibha

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