pumpkin snickerdoodles!

what's warm and chewy and tastes just like fall?

these cookies.

i wanted to bake something with pumpkin since it's just starting to get chilly around here and i couldn't think of a better way to welcome the changing seasons than with baked goods!

i used this recipe from annie's eats with some slight modifications (we melted the butter, switched the ratios of granulated and brown sugar, and added an extra egg yolk) to make them extra chewy, and they turned out SO well. i will seriously have to restrain myself from eating them all so my friends can get a chance to experience the deliciousness.

we didn't even start baking until almost midnight, but my dorm just installed TVs in all of our kitchens so we stayed entertained by watching the mummy returns and judging its special effects. twas a precious night in. :)

i hope you're all having a lovely beginning of autumn full of yummy pumpkin-y noms!

♥ maria 

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