fall essentials

fall is finally here! that means it's time for spiced pumpkin lattes, crunching leaves beneath your boots, watching the early sunset bleed brilliant colors over the newly grown crimson treetops, and more importantly, a newfound sense of direction. school has begun again (sigh) but the influx of work has kind of been balanced out by daily starbucks runs, the we bought a zoo soundtrack on repeat during study hours, and basically just having a good time with both old (maria...) and new friends on the weekends. along with the autumn breeze came a reason to try and buy new things that would kind of push me along through the workload and upcoming midterms (basically so i wouldn't go crazy and lose my mind). so i've decided to share them with you guys!

1. Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea ($5.99 at Walgreens or Target)
these wipes are really great for those nights when you're too tired to do through an entire face-cleansing ritual in the bathroom, and just need a quick wipe-down to get rid of make-up and any oily buildup from your day. they smell like actual heaven and they feel much more refreshing than using liquid make-up removers. it is important to remove your make-up every single night, and since some people are too lazy to actually go wash their face, this is the easiest solution i've come across!

2. Tube scarves ($12.95 from H&M)
fall nights can be really harsh especially when you're not prepared. these h&m tube scarves are super soft, easy to wear with any outfit, and i think they're very affordable (speaking as a broke college student). i love them so much that i bought them in two different colors!

3. 14,000 Things to Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer ($10.98)
i bought this book on a whim during one of my first nights of college, and i am actually in love with it. i decided to get it mainly because i thought it'd be a nice pick-me-up for any bouts of homesickness (although there haven't actually been any of those yet) or when the stress of school finally hits me (probably around midterms/finals week, i assume). although there hasn't been a time where i've needed it, i've found that it's a precious way to end long days and remain positive about life.

4. All The Little Lights by Passenger ($7.99 on iTunes)
so maria and i went to see ed sheeran on september 19th and it was literally the most wonderful night of my life. like i just wish i could relive that concert over and over again because ed was such an incredible performer and i want to hug him because he makes me so happy (get him album + on iTunes for $9.99 you won't regret it, i swear). anyway, one of his opening acts was a british man named mike rosenberg (passenger), and he was so cute with one of the most unique voices i've ever heard. he just stood up there with a guitar and his voice and i'm pretty sure i fell in love?? and when maria and i met him after the show, we got a picture, but it started as a video at first and he was like "don't worry about it, we'll do it again!" and awhhh child merp but yeah his music is really pretty and reminds me of the autumn time so you guys should all listen to it forever...

5. Bamboo Sweater Cuff Lace Up Ankle Bootie ($28.90 on Urbanog)
the actual shoes i got are not pictured because i got them at a little shop on newbury st called bobbles & lace for $50 but they're on the site up there for only $28.90 (just my luck lol) plus! that site has a bunch of other great boots for really cheap that are wonderful for fall. boots like these over skinny jeans or leggings or tights are easy to wear in the morning, comfortable to walk long distances in, and they keep you warm when the weather gets a bit more chilly. i honestly think it's worth your time to invest in some, because you will thank the gods when fall suddenly hits and you have nice sweater-cuff boots to keep your shivering ankles warm.

6. SWEATERS! SWEATERS! SWEATERS! (prices varies on H&M)
this is the most obvious fall staple but i do have to specifically recommend h&m sweaters to you all. mainly because they are so affordable and so comfortable but also because they are perfect for wearing to far-away classes, at the study lounge, in the dining hall, anywhere basically. and remember: cardigans are your absolute best friend in the fall. best way to keep wearing your summer tanks/camis when the colder weather hits :-)

maria actually showed this planner to me first (thanks girl) and it has been the biggest blessing in my college life. it's so easy to organize daily schedules, write nice to-do lists, memos, and it looks really cute and compact. i'm actually buying some washi tape from etsy to use in the planner, y'know, to make it look a little more precious. so yeah, get one, you'll become 1,000,000x more productive!

so i hope you guys go out and get some of these things to get you through the blistery months ahead! i would also recommend getting many packages of pepperidge farm's soft-baked montauk milk chocolate cookies because they are fucking delicious.

♥ pratibha 


  1. aww i'm very upset cause i can't find the shoe you posted on the website and it looks so cute/i want to get them! :(

  2. The boots so cute!

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