♫ a summertime playlist ♫

♫ a summertime playlist by pratibha 
i want you to know that this is, first and foremost, a summer playlist. i wanted to make one mainly because this is the last summer of my "childhood", having turned 18 in june and all (yay adult life), and i wanted to compile this lovely list of songs for you guys which basically sums up my feelings toward leaving high school, being stuck in a unique kind of limbo this summer, and then starting college. 

i realize that it's nearing the end of august already and that autumn will soon be upon us but i really wanted to share this with you anyway. it was important for me to capture and feeling and essence of what this particular summer was so that maybe when you're missing the sweet smell of the ocean, or the nights you spent with the grass between your toes, or the laughs of friends you may never see again, you'll have something to take you back. the summers of my life have always been the most beautiful collection of moments and memories that i'll never forget, shared with the greatest friends and meeting really wonderful strangers, and i hope yours were as well. this playlist isn't just something i want for myself, but it's something that i hope will connect all of our summers together, a collective web of excitement, misfortune, and acceptance. this time of the year always has a certain scent/rhythm to it and i think this playlist captures it perfectly.

1. fertilizer by frank ocean
2. young blood by the naked and famous
3. carried away by passion pit
4. carousels by beirut
5. many ways by bombay bicycle club
6. every time you go by ellie goulding
7. gobbledigook by sigur ros
8. ghosts by laura marling
9. half moon by blind pilot
10. caring is creepy by the shins
11. your bones by of monsters and men
12. folding chair by regina spektor
13. wake me up by ed sheeran
14. punching in a dream by the naked and famous
15. claudia lewis by m83
16. forrest gump by frank ocean

listen to it in order because that's how i imagined the rise and fall of my summer and i don't know, i just meant for it to play in that sequence. anyway, i hope everybody enjoys their last days of summer and that you have a great year ahead!

love, pratibha

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