life lately

life lately has been a little hectic. i've been in school for only eight days but it feels like months. senior year is definitely no walk in the park. i'm having fun though, and i'm being more productive this year than i've ever been at the start of a school year (man i wish i could switch this new productive me with junior year me). college applications are going well, and every day i'm feeling less and less stressed about them. i finished my essay today and i must say, i'm very pleased with the way it turned out! once i get all my decisions i'll post it, i promise. when i have time i'll make a separate post about college apps and writing college essays and all that fun stuff, but for now i just wanted to post a quick update. i hope everyone's enjoying the start of their school year!


*photo taken with the IncrediBooth app (i highly recommend it!) also...i'm the one on the left if you didn't know

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